Explore the Virtual #CochraneSantiago Programme now!

All content will be freely available on the Colloquium website and open to the entire Cochrane Community of members and supporters!

Cochrane’s annual flagship event brings together the world’s most influential health researchers, scientists, academics, opinion leaders, clinicians, and patients to promote evidence-informed decision-making. We are getting excited to share and interact with Virtual #CochraneSantiago content starting on Monday 2 December until Friday 6 December!

Virtual #CochraneSantiago will highlight the overall theme of ‘Embracing Diversity’, with each day having daily themes. During the week, content will be curated on our Colloquium website. We have created a dedicated page for each day’s content that will include posters, plenary content, bespoke curated materials from long and short oral presentations as well as pre-produced videos posted ‘as live’ on YouTube each day.

We have lots of content to share and we invite you to visit the Cochrane Colloquium website daily, join in on conversations on social media using the #CochraneSantiago hashtag, and take part in this unique opportunity to fully embrace the diversity of voices that make up Cochrane’s global community.

Monday 2 December: Equity Matters: Cochrane’s Next Frontier

Tuesday 3 December: Stakeholder Diversity

Considering the important role Cochrane plays in providing high-quality evidence that serves a variety of stakeholders, this day provide an opportunity for the Cochrane community to hear from representatives of various groups, including policy makers, clinicians, and civil society and consumers. Content addresses how Cochrane evidence serves their group, and discuss diversity within their group.


Browse all posters and don’t forget to check out our own Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility poster on Disseminating Cochrane evidence to a wider audience through social media



Download the poster here

Wednesday 4 December: Methodological Diversity
Multiple speakers will address the importance and challenge of incorporating Methodological diversity into Cochrane. Lisa Bero will discuss the importance of making Cochrane evidence relevant for public health practitioners and policy makers; Adrienne Stevens will discuss rapid reviews and the future of this type of review in Cochrane; and Jane Noyes will discuss what the Cochrane Methods Executive are doing to address the importance of methodological diversity. Participants can also watch a recorded webinar introducing the new Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews, as well as presentations by Miranda Cumpston and James Thomas about aspects of the Handbook. There will also be an introductory presentation on RevMan Web, and Cochrane members are encouraged to try out the new Cochrane PICO search BETA on the Cochrane Library! Finally, starting at 11:00 am GMT on Wednesday, Cochrane Crowd is holding a Virtual #CochraneSantiago Challenge to screen 48,000 records in just 48 hours; 
learn more and get ready to participate!

Thursday 5 December: Looking back
Marking #ThrowbackThursday, this day is a celebration of the last 25 years of Colloquia and focusing on Cochrane’s diverse community of 11,000 members and 70,000 supporters from 130 countries around the world! The Annual General Meeting will be held live from 09:00 to 10:00 am GMT, and members are reminded to 
register to attend the online meeting. A slideshow of memories from past Cochrane Colloquia will premiere, and a full line-up of 2019's Award and Prize Winners will be recognized and celebrated.

Friday 6 December: Looking ahead
Today, we will turn our focus to 2020 and the next Cochrane Colloquium in Toronto; a video presenting plans for #CochraneToronto will premiere, and ways to contribute to and get involved in Cochrane will be highlighted. We will  introduce Cochrane's new Editor in Chief, Dr. Karla Soares-Weiser, and we'll have the results of the  
Cochrane Crowd challenge.

All content will be available for free on the Colloquium website and open to the entire Cochrane Community of members and supporters!

How are you planning on participating? What are you looking forward to the most? Start the conversation today – tell us by using #CochraneSantiago and follow our social media accounts as we get ready for Cochrane’s first-ever Virtual #CochraneSantiago!