CGF staff and authors at Masterclass in Cochrane Methodology held by Cochrane NZ

At last, an in-person event!

Cochrane New Zealand last week held a one-day symposium in Auckland that brought together some of their most seasoned reviewers to showcase Cochrane excellence and expertise. CGF staff, authors and editors were among the presenters.

The programme began with an address from Catherine Marshall, who is Co-chair of Cochrane’s Governing Board. CGF authors and editors presented on the new handbook and on recent developments in software available to authors of Cochrane reviews. Later sessions involving CGF personnel covered network meta-analysis, use of non-RCT evidence and Cochrane’s new conflicts of interest policy.

In the free communications session 5 authors presented their reviews ranging across Cochrane review groups: targeted therapy for non-small cell lung cancer; digital adherence interventions for asthma treatments; prothrombin complex concentrate in cardiac surgery for the treatment of non‐surgical bleeding; oral dextrose gel to prevent hypoglycaemia in at-risk neonates; and levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system for endometrial hyperplasia (a CGF review).