Blogshot: Time-lapse systems for embryo incubation and embryo assessment in assisted reproductive technology (ART)

Embryo incubation and assessment is a vital step in assisted reproductive technology (ART). In recent years time-lapse systems (TLS), with or without embryo selection software, have been developed. TLS can take digital images of embryos at frequent time intervals. Suggested TLS advantages include maintaining stable culture environment and improving embryo selection. 

Cochrane authors reviewed evidence on fertility outcomes from 9 randomized control trials comparing (1) TLS without software vs conventional incubation, (2) TLS with software vs TLS without software, and (3) TLS with software vs conventional incubation. 

Results show it is unclear whether there is any difference in live birth or ongoing pregnancy rates, miscarriage and stillbirth, and clinical pregnancy rates, between TLS with or without embryo selection software, and conventional incubation. The quality of the evidence ranged from low to very low.

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