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  • We had a really succesful time at ESHRE. Important events included meeting with our authors, editors and interested visitors, and an initial meeting of people concerning the COMMIT initiative. We had many visitors to our booth a27 in Exhibition Hall 2 at ESHRE's annual meeting. 
    June 13 2017
  • The work of the former Cochrane Fertility Regulation Group has merged with our group as Professor and Mrs Helmerhorst take a well-earned retirement.We now include reviews of contraception and termination of pregnancy. The Managing Editor of these titles is Tineke Crawford. Contact her at t.crawford@auckland.ac.nz. 
    June 13 2017
  • In 2017 Cochrane has partnered with the Campbell Collaboration, the Joanna Briggs Institute, Guidelines International Network and the International Society for Evidence-Based Health Care to present a conference with wide appeal to anyone who has an interest in evidence production, systematic reviews, research synthesis, and evidence-...
    June 13 2017
  • There is still time to register for the 24th Cochrane Colloquium taking place October 23-27 in Seoul, South Korea. Go to https://colloquium.cochrane.org/ for all information.
    October 1 2016
  • Cindy and Helen at our group's booth 228 at ASRM Salt Lake City, 15-19 October
    October 1 2016
  • Our review on Endometrial injury for pregnancy following sexual intercourse or intrauterine insemination was published on 14 June. From the Plain language summary:The results from the included studies suggest a beneficial effect of endometrial injury on the chance of getting pregnant, but the studies are associated with many significant...
    July 6 2016
  • Meet Cindy Farquhar at booth B38 while you are at ESHREGroup dinner Monday 4 July | 20.00 hrs | Ravintola Ateljé Finne, Arkadiankatu 14, HelsinkiGroup meeting Tuesday 5 July | 12.45 to 14.15 | Room 102Location maps here 
    July 1 2016
  • New health evidence gives women informed choice in the prolapse surgery debateOur Cochrane systematic review published today summarizes evidence that addresses a long-standing controversy in the surgical repair of vaginal prolapse. It will help women and surgeons to make better informed choices about surgical treatment and reinforces the need...
    February 10 2016
  • Our prize winners!Best fertility topic oral presentation: Marlies MandersBest gynaecology topic oral presentation: Miriam BraakhekkeBest fertility topic poster: Sarah LensenBest gynaecology topic poster: Edna KeeneyThank you all for your participation.
    February 9 2016
  • Cochrane Australia Symposium 2015: Exploring spheres of evidence and influenceWe congratulate Cochrane Australia for another really excellent symposium held 25-26 November 2015. The programme was wide-ranging and absorbing. Quinn Grundy reviews some highlights at http://aus.cochrane.org/news/assessing-evidentlyinspiring-symposium. 
    October 30 2015


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